Sunday, April 26, 2009


Yes... I know. I am a total slacker. I keep trying to set aside a few minutes to do up a new post, but something always has to pop up and interrupt me. If it isn't my dog Pullo ramming his nose into my arm wanting attention, or one of the cats walking up and laying down on the keyboard, then it's Ronnie walking in covered in bouyancy foam and cursing because he poured too much foam in the boat and didn't cut enough holes in the wood for the foam to expand.

So, in the last week not much has happened. Ronnie has started his bowling league that meets evert Thursday night with 3 of his co-workers. I have managed to break my high score hula hooping on the Wii. (I finally got 4 stars bitches!) Oh, and Ronnie has the awesome job of going on a test flight with Gulfstream to England. (fucker.) He is due to leave on Wednesday sometime, and fly into Lutton, England. No one is quite sure how long they will be there for, but he should be back Thursday or Friday. As long as no one breaks the plane that is. But Ronnie is quite excited as most of us would be. He told me yesterday it isn't so much going to England that he is looking forward to, it's writing on his facebook page "I'm cruisin' in my G450 to England!" Not that he likes to gloat or anything.

Anywho, I will be left to tend to the animals and go to work. Oh, and I get to make a complete fool of myself while I fill in for him on his bowling league. Yeah, it's been well over a year since the last time I went bowling, and... uh... well... I didn't do so well. So I guess I will just drink down a couple beers and have at it. At least the guys will have something to talk about when they go to work the next day.

As for this weekend, I finally had a weekend where I had no plans whatsoever. So I decided to be lazy. I slept til noon, cleaned the house some, played on the Wii, and went to bed. Ooooh! But I did get some new sheets, and they are so super soft. I love them. I guess that makes for a perfect weekend, right? New Sheets + Sleeping Late + Cuddling With Rotten Animals = Happy Mitzy!

Pullo doesn't need new soft comfy sheets to be comfortable though. No. He just needs me!

Did I mention that he is rotten?