Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Drunken Downtown Debauchery

Last Friday night was an exciting one. It was full of beer, tequila, and of course, karaoke! The night started and finished at Bay Street Blues. My friend Erica was in town from Atlanta for the weekend, and we met up with Jess, Larkin, Krystal, and a couple other friends.

Larkin and I

Jess and Krystal

Me and Larkin

My friend Erica from Atlanta

Josh and Krystal trying to high five each other

Erica and Jess

Jess, Krystal and Me

A more drunk Erica

Larkin and Krystal

This is my favorite from the night...

Wonder Triplet Powers Activate!

And here are the videos...

Larkin singing Tracy Chapman

And the much anticipated Jess Instructional Dance Videos

Part 1 - I'm on a Boat!

Part 2 - I'm on a Boat!