Monday, May 11, 2009

As The Tide Turns

As many of you may or may not know, I am not by any means a morning person. So this last saturday i decided to sleep in.... until 12:00 in the afternoon. It was magnificent! All curled up under the covers with all the rotten animals curled up around me with cartoon network on in the background. (No I don't have any kids, I like cartoon network, even if I am 24.)

So I finally decide to slowly drag myself out of bed and into the shower. Meanwhile, the husband has already been up since 9:00 a.m. working on the boat in the lovely humid heat that is Savannah. When I get out of the shower, I have a missed call and a text from Jess. She was wanting us to come join her, Krystal, Bobby, and their friend Stephanie out at Tybee. Me being the procrastinator I am, I decide to take me time getting ready, getting something to eat, etc. So finally around 3:00 we leave the house to make the 45 minute trek out to Tybee Island. Parking was a nightmare because apparently everyone likes to go to the beach when it is warm and sunny outside. (Who would of thought?) After finally finding the only remaining parking spot on the south end of the island, and making the hundred mile walk to the pier where Jess was set up, we make it.

Little did I know, Jess had acquired front row seats to the best drama on the island! I'm telling you, what was going on during Saturday's episode could've easlily rendered several daytime emmys. We have dubbed the show "As the Tide Turns", starring 6-8 army guys and their classy ladies. To set the stage, these folks were at the beach before Jess and her posse arrived around 1:00. Along with coolers of beer and a radio, they also brought and octabong.
Luckily, I came prepared and brought along my camera. Jess was the videographer. (So you can blame her for all the shaking.)
For your viewing pleasure, here are a couple videos clips:

They finally noticed us and the camera after a couple hours of filming... but didn't seem to care.

Here are some photos from the afternoon. (I know they aren't nearly as entertaining as the video clips.)
Jess giving kite flying lessons


Me, enjoying the show

Bobby about to smack Krystal's ass

The live audience

Hooray for beer & free entertainment!

Crack is whack!