Monday, May 4, 2009

Doggie Carnival '09!

I kicked off my weekend with a hair date with Larkin. We went to our favorite hair stylist ever, Kim, and had a glass of wine while Kim went to town on our hair. Then we proceeded downtown to The Wing for some wings, a buffarella and some delicious Yuengling, followed by some refreshing gelato. While I don't have any photos of my new look, I did capture one of Larkin before the end of our date.

Sunday was the Doggie Carnival in beautiful Forsyth Park. Pullo, Ronnie and I started our day meeting up with Kim (the best hair stylist ever) and her little man, Teddy, and strolling through all the festivities. We checked out all the cool vendors, and we even acquired 2 free frisbees! (Pullo's favorite.) After making our rounds, we met up with Larkin and Paul and their 3 dogs, Kane, Duke, and the lovely lady Roxy. Jess and Krystal were with them as the official beer transporter and dog walker. (They even brought the super kick ass wagon.) We finished off the day relaxing with some content pups under the beautiful hundred year old live oaks.

Here are some highlights:

They had a doggie derby...

A Watering Hole...

And all the dogs you could ever want to love on...

Roxy and Pullo's first meeting

One of the biggest Danes I have ever seen

The pretty girl Roxy

All the dogs getting all the sniffing out of the way

Duke and the fantastical wagon in the background.

The best hair stylist ever, Kim and her little man Teddy

Roxy's big smile!

Pullo and his cool shades

Kane, Roxy and Duke

I love this shot of Kane soaking up the sun

Pullo with his free frisbee


Jess said...

LMAO...I love that last one! We have got to start taking lots and lots of pictures of him with beer cans on his head or something. It was a lovely day at the park though! Beautiful weather, dogs AND people. That wagon rocks my world.

Mitzy said...

Jess... Pullo has balanced a lot of things on that head of his, but never a beer can. At least not yet! I bet he could balance it on his head and catch it in his mouth. He is good like that.