Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Bet You 10 Cents That I Will Whoop Your Ass!

That's right, I am going to raise you 10 cents. That's how confident I am about my hand.

So this weekend was much fun. It included lots of beer, someone getting tattooed, and a poker game. I started off my weekend right for once. I met up with Jess and Krystal at the Wild Wing Cafe for some yummy wings and beer. After getting my fix of some very delicious wings, we walked around downtown for a bit. They took me to The Rail, which is a bar that is supposed to be super haunted, but it is very cool. They even allow dogs!

Her name was Molly.

While we were having another beer and snacking on peanuts, I bet Jess that she couldn't hold a peanut in her knee. She proved me wrong. (See the other things she can hold in her knee here.)

While we were at The Rail, Jess pointed out that they have Helium Karaoke! Now why the hell didn't we think of this sooner! I can't think of any other 2 words that go so naturally together. We plan on attending in a couple weeks, so there will be an exciting blog post to look forward to then.

We left that bar to go to the tattoo shop where Krystal is getting her new ink. It is quite a masterpiece. Here she is before, looking at the drawing of the tattoo.


Lines + Shading

Around 5:00, I had to leave my ladies and drive out to Rincon for a high stakes poker game. And by high stakes, I mean there was a $5 buy in. This was my first poker game. I have watched several of the World Series Poker Tours, but playing it is totally different. But I am happy to report that out of 6 people I came in 3rd. Not bad for my first try, right?
Things to look forward to in the weeks to come...
- Helium Karaoke
- Turning a quarter of a century old
- 311 Concert
- Tool Concert


Jess said...

Ahhhhhhh the weekend was indeed amazing!!! And I had forgotten about cute ol Molly!!! Seriously adorable!!

LilliGirl said...

Ah, very nice...and helium kareoke has to e one of the best ideas EVAH!

Mitzy said...

Jess - Molly was awesome, she would make a great girlfriend for Pullo.

LilliGirl - I agree! Helium Karaoke is going to be the best thing ever. Plus, it will make for some awesome video clips which I plan on posting here. :)