Tuesday, June 16, 2009

There Is A Blow Hole Outside My Window

And I am pretty sure it shouldn't be there.
Yesterday when I came into work, I heard a noise outside my window. So I go to take a peep outside, and there is a stream of water jetting out of the ground. At first I figured it was just a broken sprinkler, until I remembered that there aren't any sprinklers here.

We are going on the 2nd day of having this "water fountain" outside, and it seems to have gotten bigger overnight. The stream of water shoots up about 12 feet in the air right now, high enough to touch the 2nd floor windows. I am pretty sure that I am going to come into work later this week, and there will either be a sinkhole next to my office, or there will be a large construction crew working on it. Either way, it should be exciting.


Jess said...

LMAO! Do I hear a knee boarding competition coming on?!? Water, Jeep and knee board...ohhh and beer!

Larkin said...

Don't worry, it is just the stale beer fountain. Start worrying when you see diseased strippers walking around outside you window.


Mitzy said...

Jess - At this rate, we will definitely be able to go for a round of parking lot wakeboarding!

Larkin - I think I should start worrying, the water tastes a bit like stale beer and a couple trashy girls just walked by. Hey, at least it is free stale beer!