Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Dear Father, forgive me for I have sinned. It has been 54 days since I last blogged.

Yes, I know. That is a long ass time. My apologies. Work has been taking up 85% of my time, and the other 15% has been filled with people coming in from out of town, or me traveling up to Atlanta. I swear, it is never ending.

Oh yeah, here is some exciting news. My little sister (who is 20) is pregnant. Normally, this would make anyone coo and be excited. Not me, or anyone in our family. See the thing is, she is 20, has no job, no actual place to call home (she is a bit of what you would call a drifter), has been know to do meth, amongst other drugs, and the father of the child is a druggie younger than her. So yeah, that has been a lot of fun. And she is convinced that she is going to raise the child and everything will be fine. In fact, she has quite the plan laid out. I think her plan consists of getting put on food stamps, and then getting set up with Medicaid, and then renting a trailer house behind the trailer she refers to as the drug house. However, she may be coming to her senses. She has mentioned that she may allow our foster parents to adopt the baby which would be the best thing for both her and the baby. Fingers crossed!

On another note, I was fortunate enough to hang out with Kat last Thursday night. How cool is that? I know you are all so very jealous. And Kat is even cooler in person than she is online! Hard to fathom, I know. I met up with Kat, Jess, Larkin, Master Wog, Bobby and Krystal downtown and totally rocked Blaine's. It was my first time at Blaine's and it is quite an awesome bar. Where else can you go with awesome karaoke and all you can drink beer for $10? So I have a shit ton (something like a metric ton, just more) of pictures to go through and post as well as some awesome video footage. I swear I will post these soon.

Up and coming events to look forward to: Halloween party at my house! (With lots of promise for some awesome stories and photos.)

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Jess said...

PAARRRTTTAAAYYYY!!! Looking forward to the shin dig...as for the sister...I am well versed in kicking 20 year old ass. REGULATORS! Mount UP!